The power of data

To remain competitive in the digital world of the 21st century, it is pivotal to understand the potential of both your in-house data sources as well as publicly available resources. A truly data-driven company uses structural patterns in these data sets to inform decision making and to gain efficiencies across its operations.

OxyKodit helps you unlock the power of your data - whether it is raw text, heterogeneous data sources or a structured database - or a bit of each.

Tailored solutions

As an expert in these domains, I implement tailored solutions including Natural Language Processing capabilities, that mine unstructured text in any language, as well as Machine Learning algorithms, which have both predictive and prescriptive power.

Go to projects to be inspired by example services and use-cases, or view my contact details to start a conversation about how we can achieve your data-driven goals together. I look forward to discussing your project!

- Sofie Van Landeghem